Getting Funky with Funkos #7

Don’t lose your head!

There are a bunch of Funko POPs I consider personal “Grails”. Blue Chrome Batman, Green Chrome Batman, Sheldon Cooper in Batman shirt etc. But there was one that I have wanted for a long time that is not Batman related. (unbelievable huh?) As many of my followers know, we are huge Walking Dead fans in this house. One of the few TWD POPs I have sought after is the 2014 SDCC “Headless Hershel”. I was able to trade for one recently and I have been full of myself since!

Funny thing about obtaining “Grail” items. Every time I walk into the room, I stop and look at it. I have begun to realize that others may want to obtain one so that they may gaze upon its greatness also. I have recently installed a security system and bought police trained German Shepherds to protect my much treasured item.

Be warned hooligans! Come looking for my “Grail” POP and you may leave without your head!

DUDE SCORE: 9.5/10 - He had his head cut off for Gods sake! It is a DUDE item!!!



“We are gonna need a bigger boat!” is one of the most famous movie quotes in movie history. Recently Funko released 2 Great White Shark 6” POPs from the movie “JAWS” and I had to obtain both!! But alas diligent readers; Funko was not done yet. They opted to release yet a third 6” Great White Shark and have a fourth due for release during SDCC. A bloody Great White Shark Target Exclusive version was released as a bundle. Yes, you read that last sentence correctly! A 6” Bloody Jaws POP and a Jaws shirt bundled together! How could I resist such temptations? My wife screamed, my kids went hungry, a vehicle was repossessed but I had my bundle! Dude status verified!

DUDE SCORE: 8/10 - It would receive a 10/10 but Funko seems to be just jumping on the money train for this one. Four of the exact same molds with varying degrees of differences gets DUDE points taken away!



San Diego Comic Con runs from July 18 – 21st

The following are a list of the only “DUDE APPROVED” Funko items that should be purchased.

  1. Teal Chrome Batman (GameStop shared Exclusive)
  2. Kato and Ultraman (Toy Tokyo shared Exclusives)
  3. Batman w/SDCC bag (Funko Shop shared Exclusive)
  4. All 5 Big Bang Theory Justice League POPs and both BBT Funko shirts (Walmart shared Exclusives)
  5. Kang and Kodos GITD Simpsons Treehouse of Horror 2 pk (GameStop shared Exclusive)
  6. My Hero Academia (whatever that is) Funko skateboard deck (GameStop shared Exclusive)

Anything else purchased other than those listed above will result in an immediate removal of Dude/Dudette status!

DUDE SCORE: 11/10 The ultimate shopping list from this DUDE!


Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings!

Until next time…….

Half Geek

(Youtube celebrity and as of now a current Blogger)