Getting Funky With Funkos #6

Getting Funky with Funko  

Chasing Gold! 

Bill Gates walks into an Apple store and drops an air biscuit of death. Everyone looks at him and says “Oh my god it stinks in here now! 

Bill Gates replies “well it’s not my fault you don’t have windows in here” 

What does that have to do with Funkos? Nothing, it’s a Dude joke! LOL This Dude walks into Walmart and heads straight to the electronics section where the POPs are kept. I casually stroll over and what to my wondering eyes may appear? But an elusive Chase POP that has eluded me for the last 3 months. I have been on a Chase POP dry spell for so long I almost forgot what a Chase sticker looks like. Unfortunately, it is a Captain Marvel Goose (Flerken) Chase POP. A very un-Dude POP if there ever was one. It’s a cat POP that has octopus tentacles coming out of its mouth. LAME! But I snatch it up anyway because it will be great trade fodder down the road.  

One thing I also left out. The box is TRASHED! So…I gotta buy a second Goose POP so I can do a box and sticker swap. (For those not in the know, Chase version and common version POP boxes are exactly the same. Only difference is the POP and the Chase sticker) So I am into this POP for over $20.  A lame girly POP that happens to be a Chase version. 

I put the Captain Marvel set of 3 POPs up for trade and receive numerous trade requests. Only problem is that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, wants ONLY the girly Goose Chase POP! I am trying to unload them as a set and thought it would be a quick easy trade.  I truly hate this set even more now. 



Owning the Dead 

What is the Night Watch’s oath? 

Crows before Hoes! 

Again, a Game of Thrones Dude joke!! 

This Dude takes a chance at the AT&T store. Never have I stepped foot in one before and I was definitely surprised when I see a display full of Game of Thrones POPs and other collectibles! And I see the sweetest thing I have laid my eyes on in quite a long time. I see that white and blue AT&T Exclusive sticker on the Night King (Metallic) POP.  I snatch up 2 of them and roll out. I left 4 behind only to find out later that one person came in 5 minutes later and bought the rest. (Greedy bastard) I purchased 2 because I have a special lady in Hawaii who did me a serious solid and I owed. Usually I hate owing but once I told her I got her one she was just as excited as I was and that made my week! 

I am a huge Game of Thrones fan and this legit got me hyped! My luck has not been good with Game of Thrones POPs. I missed the Children of the Forest Metallic HBO Exclusive release and still hold grudges about it. And the fact that Josh H. owns the Jon Snow “Beyond the Wall” POP makes me want to stab him in the eye with a spork! 

DUDE SCORE: 9/10  It would receive a 10/10 but Andrew B. owns one also. Dude score definitely drops! 


Going Broke 

I usually reserve this final spot for upcoming POP releases but we have something special I am honestly hyped about to the MAX! Zobie Productions is opening up a new site with awesome, incredible, super-cool stuffs!! The upcoming launch of ZOBIE COLLECTIBLES on/or about June 1st has me giddy with excitement. Funko POPs, NECA etc etc etc ! My head is spinning with the possibilities of the collectibles that will be offered. And I honestly DO NOT know what Jayare was thinking when he allowed me to be a part of this new venture. I will go broke and he will be responsible for my children starving, electricity being cut off, no gas in the minivan and a lack of toilet paper in my home.   

The ability to preorder Funko POPs and other collectibles will be the end of my marriage and probably somehow be the cause of my demise.  

Jayare, I hope you are proud of yourself! So many of us are already addicted to the Fright Pack, Zobie Box, Anime Box etc. and now you toss this on us. For shame. For shame Mr. Gallegos. 

DUDE SCORE: 11/10  The ultimate addition to an already Dude site! 


Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings! 

Until next time……. 

Half Geek 

(Youtube celebrity and as of now a current Blogger)